Captains Curse is a tale that takes place on a pirate ship. Your Captain has gone rouge and you are tired of living under his orders. He has managed to narrowly escape death while forcing your crew to sail in some of the most dangerous storms all for the sake of finding the bloody treasure. You hatch a plan to escape while docked on dry land, but the Captain will return and if he finds you trying to abandon his ship he will behead you.  Does your crew have what it takes to escape the CAPTAINS CURSE?

This is our most challenging room and allows for a maximum of 10 players.

You have been sentenced to Summer School. Your summer is completely ruined...unless it is not to late. You have one hour to break into the school and change your grades before the teacher returns. This is your only chance at freedom so you must work quickly and not get caught! 

This is our most attainable room and allows for maximum of 10 players

You have been contracted by the US government to complete a mission. Troop 77 has been called out of the area on an emergency recon mission.  The bunker is running off of a generator because the terrorist have been successful at disabling the main power supply. They are trying to breach the bunker to find a red file containing nuclear launch codes. The generator only has enough gas to run the bunker for an hour. If the power goes out on the bunker the terrorists will assume the bunker is unmanned and unprotected. They will then advance their people to breach the bunker and find the file to launch a worldwide nuclear attack. There is a backup electrical system still in tact that only requires two fuses within the bunker to be installed and that alone will restore power to the bunker.  

This room is moderate difficulty and allows for 8 players.

***Our online booking system will not let you book 2 hours or less prior to the room start time. If you are wanting to book a room, but the time you are trying to book is no longer available online please give us a call/email/text to see if the room is still able to be booked on our end.