NOW OPEN! This is Captains Curse part 2. Were you left with the Captains curse? Here is your chance at redemption! Although the captain cursed you and you're now trapped on the ship, you still have the most valuable treasure; YOUR TEAM. Your team has one hour to steer his ship off course and leave his soul.....

STRANDED AT SEA for good!!

This room is moderate difficulty and allows for 3 - 12 players.

 Uncle Hank is a world renowned hunting master. Greed and envy has ensued and the authorities are after his most prized hunting trophies. Will you be able to save his trophies and escape before the thieves arrive?

This room is moderate to hard difficulty and allows for up to 3 - 10 players.

You have been contracted by the US government to complete a mission. Troop 77 has been called out of the area on an emergency recon mission.  The bunker is running off of a generator because the terrorist have been successful at disabling the main power supply. They are trying to breach the bunker to find a red file containing nuclear launch codes. The generator only has enough gas to run the bunker for an hour. If the power goes out on the bunker the terrorists will assume the bunker is unmanned and unprotected. They will then advance their people to breach the bunker and find the file to launch a worldwide nuclear attack. There is a backup electrical system still in tact that only requires two fuses within the bunker to be installed and that alone will restore power to the bunker.  

This room is moderate difficulty and allows for 3 - 8 players.


***Our online booking system will not let you book 30 minutes or less prior to the room start time. If you are wanting to book a room, but the time you are trying to book is no longer available online please give us a call/email/text to see if the room is still able to be booked on our end.

Santa is wanted in Shasta County on multiple counts of breaking & entering, and hit & run! We need to keep him out of jail so he can make his Christmas deliveries.  It's up to you to help Santa and destroy any evidence Redding PD has on him! You and your team have one hour to become Santa's Scout!

This seasonal room is easy difficulty and allows for up to 3 - 14 players.

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