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It is known that someone is stacking cards in their favor in Las Vegas and casinos throughout the country, but with so many high rollers it’s hard to tell who. The mob boss is tired of losing and has hired you to go undercover as a high roller. It’s up to you to identify who is stacking the cards and his current location, before he returns and finds you in the high roller room. You have 60 minutes to decode the cards and get out before this crook finds you and takes you out himself.

This room allows for a maximum of 12 players. Difficulty 8/10

The FBI has hired you to help track down the mad scientist who created and spread a deadly virus throughout your town. It up to you to find the cure hidden in his lab and escape before he returns, finds you, and infects you. You have 60 minutes to crack the codes, find the keys, and the antidote. If you escape with the antidote you have a chance to save your town. If time runs out you and your town will not survive this mad man.

This room allows for a maximum of 6 players. Difficulty 6/10

You have been locked away by the Sheriff who believes you are guilty of the multiple recent stagecoach robberies. You know your innocent but it is up to you to escape and prove your innocence. You have 60 minutes to free yourself from your partner, your cell, and your room. Upon your escape you will be confronted by the Sheriff and must give him your evidence proving who actually committed the crime and their current location, but the bandit is on the move so you must move quickly. Otherwise, the Sheriff will throw you back in the clink and lock you away for good.

This room allows for a maximum of 8 players and must be played by at least 3 players. In the beginning of the game you will be handcuffed to a partner. (You will not be handcuffed the entire game.) If you have issues with working collaboratively in this manner with your group please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your teams comfort levels. Difficulty 7/10