The Game

Imagine being locked in a themed room and it is up to your team to figure a way out and solve the objective!
Extreme Escape Redding is a live action immersive escape game designed for teams of 3-10 people. Once in the room you must scavenge, think outside the box and work with your team so solve the mystery. Every wall, every picture, every drawer could contain hints, clues, keys and parts of the puzzle that will help you escape and complete the room objectives....but the clock is ticking and you have only 60 minutes. To be successful your team will need to be able to communicate, work together, manage tasks, handle the pressure and think on all levels.
Can you handle the pressure? Can you think outside the box? Can you solve the objective? Can you escape in time? *Our gamemasters are watching and can offer you additional clues, but you must know when to ask for help! 



Captains Curse is a tale that takes place on a pirate ship. Your Captain has gone rouge and you are tired of living under his tyranny. Does your crew have what it takes to escape the CAPTAINS CURSE?

***Our online booking system will not let you book 90 minutes or less prior to the room start time. If you are wanting to book a room, but the time you are trying to book is no longer available online please give us a call/email/text to see if the room is still able to be booked on our end.


Our NEWEST ROOM is finally open!!  - Sentenced to Summer School for your bad grades.....unless you can break in, change your grades and ESCAPE before the teacher catches you!

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Do you and your team have what it takes to complete this highly classified mission for the military? Your country is counting on you!