You have been hired by the mob boss to find out who is stacking the cards and cutting into his winning streak at the casinos. Will you be able to meet his expectations before the time runs out....

​New Room and a new cause! We are using proceeds from the admissions of this room to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project in honor of our life long friend Ronnie Frank who served for 20 years prior to losing his own battle.  To find out more about the Wounded Warrior Project click HERE.

The Sheriff has locked you up for the recent stagecoach robberies, but you have been wrongfully accused. You must escape and prove your innocence before the real bandit gets away...

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Escape Rooms:

Do you and your team have what it takes to complete this highly classified mission for the military? Your country is counting on you! (Bunker-77 is opening May 26, 2018)


The Game

Imagine being locked in a room full of mystery and it is up to you to figure a way out!

Extreme Escape Redding is a live action escape game designed for 3-10 people. This brain teasing game is full of challenges. Every corner, every wall, every book, every drawer could contain hints, clues, and keys that will help you escape and complete the room objectives....but the clock is ticking and you have only 60 minutes. To be successful your team will need to be able to communicate, work together, manage tasks, and think on all levels.

Can you handle the pressure? Can you think outside the box? Can you solve the objective? Can you escape?